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Danone Bestway Business Transition to DCS: Boosting Baby Feeding Brands in the UK Market

Learn about the transition of the Danone Bestway business to DCS Group and its implications for the UK's largest independent wholesaler and leading baby-feeding brands, Aptamil and Cow & Gate. Explore the market share, product offerings, and the strategic move to enhance distribution and management. Stay updated on the latest developments in the baby feeding industry.

Jackie Mead - Senior National Account Manager

4 Minutes

/ 24th May 2023
  • Sales & Distribution

We are pleased to announce an exciting development in the business landscape as the Danone Bestway business transitions to DCS Group this week. This transition marks a significant step forward for both companies involved and promises new opportunities and growth.

Bestway Wholesale, renowned as the largest independent wholesaler in the UK, boasts an impressive network of 56 cash and carry depots spanning the country. Their extensive reach enables them to supply a staggering number of over 70,000 independent retailers nationwide. Bestway is a formidable force in the wholesale industry, catering to a diverse range of businesses.

A pivotal aspect of Bestway's operations is their supply of renowned brands, and their collaboration with Danone has been no exception. Danone, a leading multinational food-products corporation, primarily focuses on baby-feeding brands. Aptamil and Cow & Gate are two prominent names associated with the Danone brand, providing essential nutrition for infants and young children.

Baby Feeding Market Share
Aptimil holds an impressive
43 %
of the baby feeding market
Cow & Gate commands a
28 %
of the baby feeding market
Together, Danone claims
71 %
of the whole baby feeding market

Aptamil, holding an impressive 43%* market share, stands as the largest baby-feeding brand in the UK. Cow & Gate, the second-largest brand in the category, commands a significant market presence with a 28%** share. The product offerings from these brands include powdered milk, ready-to-feed milk, and baby cereals, ensuring a comprehensive range of options to meet the diverse needs of parents and caregivers.

While Danone has previously supplied these baby-feeding products to Bestway, the company has now entrusted DCS Group with the responsibility of managing these influential brands. The transition to DCS signifies a new chapter for Danone's collaboration with Bestway. With our expertise in managing and distributing brands at DCS Group, we are well-equipped to handle the demands and complexities of the baby feeding market. The seamless handover from Danone to DCS Group ensures continuity in the supply chain, enabling retailers to continue providing these essential products to parents and caregivers across the UK.

With their extensive network and established reputation, Bestway and DCS Group are well-positioned to strengthen the presence of Aptamil and Cow & Gate in the market. This transition promises increased efficiency, streamlined operations, and a renewed focus on meeting the evolving needs of customers. As the partnership between Danone and DCS Group unfolds, we anticipate exciting developments that will positively impact the baby feeding industry in the UK.

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** Source: IRI: Total Baby Feeding Data L52 wks, w/e 05/11/22