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How Household Cleaning Can Give a Huge Boost to Your Sales

We all know that Household Cleaning products got a huge sales boost during the pandemic. Stock was flying off the shelves just as quickly as it could be replaced, and manufacturers were diverting all their expertise and resources to keep up with demand. We saw a swathe of product updates too, with antibacterial capabilities added to products that were previously lacking, to help the nation stop the spread of the infection.
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This Is Why Price Mark Packs Are Making a Major Impact

You don’t need a fancy statistic to know that shoppers are looking to save money in these times of financial uncertainty. Whilst we’re not technically in a recession, it certainly feels like it to many people across the nation, as household budgets are squeezed by rising utility, fuel, housing and grocery costs.
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Shopper Spending in an Economic Downturn… It’s Not All Doom and Gloom.

The news at the moment is a depressing collection of attention-grabbing headlines about grocery inflation, rising energy prices, rising interest rates, global supply chain issues, economic downturn, public sector pay disputes and a cost of living that’s spiralling out of control. So here’s a question… is it all doom and gloom, or can we find some positives buried deep down at the bottom of the (now slightly more expensive) barrel?
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Laundry Add-Ons - The Sure Way to Grow Your Sales

The laundry add-ons category is worth more than £100m in the UK market. Whilst it’s dwarfed by laundry detergents (£900m) and fabric conditioners (£430m), it’s still important to get right. There are many shoppers who are loyal to specific products, and you can encourage customers to grow their baskets by shopping across the full range.
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5 Reasons Why Fabric Conditioners Are So Much More Exciting Than You Think.

Why would anyone want to read a blog about the laundry category? In fairness, that’s a very good question, and if you’ve read this far you’re already doing well. But the category is more exciting than you might think.
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Driving Hand Gel Distribution During Covid

WHS Travel was approached with the idea of using one of its flagship stores to showcase the “Always Carry Carex” message in an impactful way whilst reaching the maximum amount of people possible.
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Three Million Reasons to Get Excited About the Baby Care Category

There are three million children under the age of four in the UK. You can turn parents and carers of these children into some of your most loyal shoppers… if you can offer them what they’re looking for.
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The Ins & Outs of Choosing the Right Laundry Range

The Laundry category is worth more than £1.4B in the UK market, which means it’s one of the most important for retailers to get right in store.
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