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DCS Scores a Goal with Bestway

With a first for DCS, we have teamed up with Bestway to be part of a promotional World Cup event.

David Hickman - Channel Controller

1 Minute

/ 30th November 2022
  • Sales & Distribution

From 11th November to 8th December, Bestway Cash and Carry branches nationally are running a World Cup activation to drive sales and uplift on key brands. Such events are usually reserved for alcohol and confectionery brands, however, the strength of the DCS relationship and off the back of having JBP’s in place, we were able to secure secondary display pallet activation across key Unilever and Johnson & Johnson brands such as Domestos, Surf, Listerine and Benylin. This is the first time DCS have been included in a Football/sports event and I am sure you will agree, it looks great!