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Driving Gillette in East End

Noting underperforming sales of male shaving products were an opportunity for growth in the East end.

Matt Stanton

/ 15th January 2021
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Category Insight

Driving Gillette in East End

Working with the team at East End, we noticed that sales of male shaving products were underperforming compared with the competition and that there was an opportunity for growth.

After a review of their product range, it became apparent that the product display in depot could be improved to give Gillette products the level of visibility needed to take advantage of their status as market leader in the shaving category.


Our DCS merchandising team met with the management team at the East End depot and discussed the possibility of displaying Gillette Blue II disposable razors on their own stand. The aim was to give them the best possible visibility in depot, and to catch the eyes of retail store operators on their visits to the depot, and ultimately to increase the rate of sale.

Upon implementing the new display activity, turnover of this line increased +14% YoY (2020 vs 2019) – a positive result, and a testament to the strength of the relationship between DCS and East End, both at depot level and with the central buyer. In 2021 we are expecting to see the turnover increase further, as the product becomes more established in retailers’ stores.