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How Household Cleaning Can Give a Huge Boost to Your Sales

We all know that Household Cleaning products got a huge sales boost during the pandemic. Stock was flying off the shelves just as quickly as it could be replaced, and manufacturers were diverting all their expertise and resources to keep up with demand. We saw a swathe of product updates too, with antibacterial capabilities added to products that were previously lacking, to help the nation stop the spread of the infection.
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Co-packing and Why It’s a Game Changer

Looking for an addition to your company's packaging operations that could hold the key to unlocking new and innovative retail opportunities? Contract packaging can provide a solution to meet all of your demands and specifications, regardless of whether you're a manufacturer, retailer, distributor, start-up company, or marketer of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs). Because of our ability to optimize the efficiency and productivity of operations, Co-pack is significantly considered a ‘key’ element, rather than a ‘value added’ extra to the supply chain.
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/ 10th August 2022

This Is Why Price Mark Packs Are Making a Major Impact

You don’t need a fancy statistic to know that shoppers are looking to save money in these times of financial uncertainty. Whilst we’re not technically in a recession, it certainly feels like it to many people across the nation, as household budgets are squeezed by rising utility, fuel, housing and grocery costs.
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Positivity at DCS - How Positive Feedback Can Make All the Difference in the Workplace

I think I was slightly sceptical when I first read an article by Shelle Rose Charvet, best-selling author of ‘Words That Change Minds,’ when she described the impact of only giving positive feedback to delegates on her certification training course.  She had been constantly exploring ways to help delegates overcome ‘Incompetency Attacks’ – those negative states that hijack learners’ ability to take on new learning because ‘they can’t do it’ – and hadn’t found one single way to change the unhelpful patterns.
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/ 20th July 2022

How DCS Partnered with WHSmith to Create Huge Sales

WHSmith began trading with DCS in 2013 when we partnered with them to support the implementation of an extended Health and Beauty range in their Travel store portfolio.
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/ 6th July 2022

Shopper Spending in an Economic Downturn… It’s Not All Doom and Gloom.

The news at the moment is a depressing collection of attention-grabbing headlines about grocery inflation, rising energy prices, rising interest rates, global supply chain issues, economic downturn, public sector pay disputes and a cost of living that’s spiralling out of control. So here’s a question… is it all doom and gloom, or can we find some positives buried deep down at the bottom of the (now slightly more expensive) barrel?
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Why Use Sulphates in Shampoo?

Sulphates aren't always the enemy. Here we explain why sulphates can also be good for your hair.
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/ 7th June 2022

Eco Products. As a Retailer… Should You REALLY Care?

Yes, you should. Nice and simple. OK, for those who won’t just take my word for it, coming up are 559 more words by way of justification.
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/ 1st June 2022