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2 Minutes to Learning: How Dynamic Training is Driving Success

Discover how dynamic training is transforming learning into an active participant experience. Learn how feedback and coaching are becoming more specific, fostering a culture of putting learning into practice in just 2 minutes.

Grainne Ridge - Head of Learning & Development

2 Minutes

/ 3rd May 2023
  • Sales & Distribution

‘Have you got 2 minutes?’

In the last few weeks, I’ve been asked this question with increasing frequency - and I love it!

There’s been a whole host of reasons for people needing my time, including:

  • Managers have wanted help with the PDP process and clarity on distinguishing KPIs from functional objectives.
  • They have wanted to feedback on how else we could be using some of our sales skills models to improve collaboration and efficiency between internal teams.
  • I’ve been asked for feedback on draft presentations - do they have the desired impact and do they support our business goals?
  • Some have looked for reassurance that they are using our competencies effectively in planning the induction for a new starter.
  • Others have been creating mini-training sessions with the models we train and offering to run them for the rest of the team!

What delights me most about this recent pattern is that it reflects a change in the direction of our training. Learning is becoming dynamic. It’s a shift from being the recipient of training to being an active participant in learning.

I’ve been reflecting on the catalysts for the shift. Firstly, we are talking about embedding - relentlessly! Secondly, we are being obsessive, (almost), about PDPs. Thirdly, we are passing the baton to managers through bitesize sessions at the end of every month where we focus on just one element of sales and commercial skills. That element is then the priority for coaching and feedback in the following month. Fourthly, we are becoming forensic in the specificness of the feedback we give, calling out the skills we see and the impact they have had. All of these are adding up to an environment where putting learning into practice is the new cool!

As L&D we always try to schedule training as accurately as we can - and we’ll still keep trying - but we’re unlikely to hit the right time for everyone’s needs. These ‘asks’ for coaching and training in the moment, exactly when they are needed, are crucial to embedding and as a team, we will always carve out time to be available.

And the benefit works both ways. I get to hear what managers and team members are struggling with or uncertain about - as well as what’s working brilliantly.